VMWorld 2012 session

OPS-CSM2258 – Industry Leaders Share the Impact of Their Cloud Deployments

Several industry leaders will share their cloud use cases and deployment outcomes, including infrastructure must haves, security, provider selection, and results. The session will allow for audience interaction, giving you a unique opportunity to ask the questions and hear unfiltered answers based on actual experience. Moderated by Paul Strong, VMware CTO, Global Customer and Field Initiatives, this session will have a blend of panelists representing Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies.

Joerg Liebe – Chief Information Officer, Lufthansa Systems AG
Florent Saint-Clair – Vice President, Corporate Development, eMix
Jon Donahoe – Director of the Project Management Office (PMO), Star Alliance
Bryan Bond – Sr Systems Administrator, eMeter, A Seimens Business
Michael Leeper – Sr. Manager IT Engineering, Columbia Sportswear
Bijan Hafezi – Managing Director, IPsoft, Inc.
Paul Strong – CTO, Global Field & Customer Initiatives, VMware, Inc.

(I will post the audio/video when it is completed.)

I had a great time participating in this session. All of the speakers we well versed in their role in a recent cloud deployment. The range of scope for the deployments was vast and highlighted the different ways the the public/private clouds can be leverage to accomplish many great things, on time and under budget.

Everything was going well until I totally talked over Joerg Liebe, CIO of Lufthansa. Well, at least I never have to worry about getting a job there.

Paul Strong did an excellent job getting us focused on on a track that was interesting to the crowd. For a group that had never met in person before, we seemed to take up a great path that was both technically accurate and high level enough to get the points across.

The overlying theme that seemed to come out of the discussion was the importance of knowing your actual goals and then applying sound practices in deploying the appropriate cloud resources for your project.

The differences between security concerns, costs, deployment needs, speed, reliability and overall usability, always circled back to a central place: The cloud is a very usable, dynamic and cost effective way to deploy technologies quickly and successfully.

My experience with BlueLock  over the last year, has proven to be one of the smartest things I have done in recent years. It has allowed me to accomplish things that I would never have been able to given the staffing levels, budgets and timeframes that were imposed on the projects. Having a vendor who listened to my needs, understood my needs and helped me deliver on them was critical to the successes of this past year.

As soon as I can I will post as much of this session as I am able to.


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