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1287 Doing More With Less

1288 Hybrid Cloud in Real Life

2176 Virtualizing Business Critical Enterprise Apps with Flash Storage

2649 Real-World Cloud Experiences: Enterprise IT Leader Discusses Public and Hybrid Cloud Deployments


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Interesting or Creative Business Cards

I have started to notice a growing trend of one-up-man-ship in the selection and distribution of business cards in the last couple of years. My current favorite is from Kevin Mitnick of Mitnick Security Consulting. His card is a stamped metal card with a set of pop out tools for picking a lock. VERY creative, in my opinion. So that started me looking through my stack of cards and sorting out the ones that are standouts for me. I will update this post and add pictures as I find new ones that are interesting or creative. Please feel free to forward any you come across along to me so I can include them.


He is another one from Reflex Systems. This one is the size of a standard business card but is about twice as thick as a credit card. It is a fully functional bottle opener.